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SketchUp Modeling Tool
 - The SketchUp Modeling Software is free from Trimble and can be downloaded from
    the Trimble site.
 - SketchUp 3D Warehouse - My SketchUp models are also available for download from
    the 3D Warehouse.  Or you can go directly to the 3D Warehouse and search for "Ron
    Fritz" which will also pull up all of my models.

Rendering Your Models
 - My SketchUp models were rendered using Kerkythea.  Download the free software and
   join the forum HERE.

SketchUp Tutorials
 - Sketchup Online Tutorials and Training – A great source for video and self-paced tutorials.
 - SketchUp User's Guide

 - Google Sketchup for Dummies - Several on-line video tutorials
 - YouTube – Lots of Sketchup tutorials

SketchUp Plugins  (put these Plugins and Ruby Scripts into your "Plugins Folder)
 - SketchUp Plugins – Plugins from the Trimble site
 - Ruby Library Depot – Lots of great plugins
 - Smustard.Com – Ruby Scripts – more plugins

SketchUp Forum and Resource 
 - The SketchUcation web site is a good source for learning SketchUp with tutorials,
    forums and examples.  Also a good resource for materials and Ruby discussions.

Here are links to several drawings that I have done in SketchUp and are available for download.  All drawings are to scale, have appropriate joinery and are made of components so the SketchUp Model can be exploded apart for detail sizing and analysis.  The rendered pictures were done using Kerkythea rendering software.

Questions about Obtaining Plans and/or Shop Drawings:


Drawing Inventory Listing
Children's Furniture & Toys
Dining & Living Room
Dressers, Chests, Cabinets
Garden Furniture
Shaker Furniture
Workshop Cabinets/Benches
Misc Items

I receive weekly e-mails inquiring if I have “Plans” or “Shop Drawings” for my SketchUp models.  My standard reply:

Unfortunately I do not have what most people consider 2D detailed plans.  However, the beauty and benefit of a detailed SketchUp model is that you no longer need classic 2D drawings.  All of my SketchUp models are done in detail just as if they were built with lumber in the woodshop.  The models are to scale, have appropriate joinery and are made of components so the SketchUp Model can be exploded or taken apart for detail sizing and analysis.

If you do not have a copy of the SketchUp software then you can download a free copy from the link below.  Once installed, all of my models can be taken apart and measured.

Here’s an example of how I create a usable measured drawing of my Cottage Night Stand that then can be printed on standard 8 ½ x 11 paper for shop use.

Here’s the example of the Cottage Night Stand that has been “exploded” apart.  From there, within SketchUp, I select the components that I want to work on and move them to the side. Flip them for a top down view and select the “Dimension Tool” to add appropriate dimensions.

While still in the Top Down View, put the Camera into “Parallel Projection”. From here the view can be printed on standard 8 ½ x 11 paper and taken into the shop for use.  Here’s what it looks like.

Making a "Cut List" -  there is a "Cutlist" Plugin that you can download from the "Ruby Library Depot" link below.  The plugin will generate a "Cut-list in Excel Spreadsheet format.  Here's the Cut-list for the Cottage Night Stand.