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All drawings are to scale, have appropriate joinery and are drawn using components so that the SketchUp Model can be exploded apart for detail sizing and analysis.  The rendered pictures were done using Kerkythea rendering software.  All drawings are available for download.

Miscellaneous Items


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Adirondack Sewing Box

This is an antique sewing box that I saw in the Adirondack Mountains several years ago.  I modified the original design a bit and dropped the drawer to the bottom of the cabinet.  I've made one of these as a gift.

Asian-Inspired Bookcase

Here's a unique drawing that was 'inspire" by similar Asian type bookcases.  The joinery is mostly mortise and tenon.

American Walnut Settee

This Walnut Settee was patterned after a turn of the century original. The curved seat and back along with the multiple turned spindles makes for an interesting piece of furniture.  The joinery is mostly mortise and tenon.

Bookcase and Drawers

 I call this model "Bookcase and Drawers" for obvious reasons.  It's an eye catching piece if creative furniture in a modern or contemporary design. The construction uses one angle (27 degrees) to set the diagonal center drawers.  The shelving is set in shallow dados.  The sides are frame and panel.

Bookcase - Collapsed

If you are in to unconventional creative designs, then here's a contemporary 'collapsed' bookcase for you.  This model is made in pieces (components) and can be used as a blueprint to construct the bookcase.

Bookcase - Modern Accent

Here's another creative modern design of an accent shelves bookcase. This piece of furniture has a limited number of pieces and should be an easy one to construct.

Dovetail Sewing Box

Here's a dovetailed sewing box with a lower drawer, two pull out trays and a contrasting wood insert for the top. The overall dimensions are 14"w x 9"d x 9"h.

Asian-Inspired Stool

I drew this "Asian-Inspired Stool" after seeing the one that Alan Turner built and displayed in the Fine Woodworking Web Site. You might say that I was "inspired" to try my hand at drawing it SketchUp.

Bookcase - Double Sided Free Standing

This early 19th century Regency period bookcase is double sided with graduated open shelves above one drawer.  The joinery is mostly dado, dovetail, and mortise and tenon.

Bookcase - Revolving Oak

This revolving bookcase is from England, Circa 1880.  The original is made from Oak. This style of bookcase was popular at the end of the 19th century through the early part of the 20th century.

Bench - Hall & Entryway

This is a simple design for a combined entryway bench and coat rack. The design uses 3/4" pine and 1/4" panels with Pocket Screws for its joinery. Quarter round inside the panel frames gives it a finished look.

Candle Holders - Antique

Here are three wooden candle lanterns based on Civil War and other antique styles.

1800-s Lantern
Antique Lantern
Patio Lantern

Chippendale Walnut Corner Chair

The origin of this Walnut corner chair most likely came from England, Circa mid 1700's.   The joinery is mostly mortise and tenon.

Candle Holder - Bowed

Here are a couple of candle holders that are easy to make. The look and style of the two holders change just by reversing and flipping the legs to be either bowed in or out.

Colonial Cradle

Here's a reproduction of a simple open Early American cradle. I made a cradle using this design in the late 1980s which has now been passed around from baby to baby and is still being used today.

Communion Table

Here's a Communion Table that I designed for a friend's church.  The table is made up of several frame and panel sections and has a door in the rear to access internal storage.

Gossip Bench

A Gossip Bench in an Early American style. The sides and door are frame and panel construction.

Library Chair/Stool

Here's a chair that easily converts to a step ladder with one simple movement. A practical piece of furniture in colonial times, this chair was commonplace in the library where shelves ran from the floor to ceiling. Ben Franklin invented the 1st library chair.

Flip-out Step Stool

Here's a stool that converts to a step stool.

Round Antique Corner Chair

Here's a turn of the 20th century corner chair in Maple hardwood with a curvilinear gallery, spindle-turned back over a circular seat.

Spice Cabinet

This Spice Cabinet appeared in Popular Woodworking magazine.

Victorian Etagere

This is a mid 19th century Victorian Rosewood Etagere.  An Etagere is described as a piece of furniture consisting of a set of open shelves for displaying small objects and sometimes having an enclosed cabinet as a base. 

Windsor Double Back Settee

Here's an unusual English double hoop chair back Windsor settee.  The two hoops with spindle supports and diagonal bracing, with turned arm supports over single plank saddled seat over turned legs joined by turned swell stretchers.  Circa 1900-1909, England

Windsor Stools

Here are three variations of Windsor type stools.  Two of the stools are bar height and the third is a lower 19" height.

Windsor Rocking Cradle

Here's a reproduction of a Windsor Rocking Cradle made in New England around 1790.