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Web Links

Here's an on-going list of woodworking resources that I have found helpful.


Amateur Woodworker - Personal website dedicated to woodworking
BenchMark - Great source of woodworking articles, tool reviews
Bill Pentz - Good source of information on dust collection
Design. Click. Build - Fine Woodworking Blog on designing furniture in SketchUp
Family Woodworking Forum - A great forum and resource
Fine Woodworking - Magazine and resource
SketchUp 3D Warehouse - This is my SketchUp Collection in the 3D Warehouse.
Kerkythea - Rendering Software. Great forum and resource.  I use this to render my SketchUp drawings.
Pat Warner Router Woodworking - Anything you want to know about using a router
Popular Woodworking - Magazine and great resource for free plans and reviews
Sawmill Creek - Great Woodworking Forum
SketchUp - Google SketchUp software and resource
SketchUcation - Tutorials, Forum and resource for SketchUp

Wood Magazine - Good resource and Woodworking Forum
Woodworker's Journal - Magazine and resource
WoodNet.Net - Woodworking forum and resource
The Woodshop - Great source of woodworking articles, tool reviews
Woodsmith - Magazine and resource