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All drawings are to scale, have appropriate joinery and are drawn using components so that the SketchUp Model can be exploded apart for detail sizing and analysis.  The rendered pictures were done using Kerkythea rendering software.  All drawings are available for download.



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1880 Writing Desk

This writing desk is a modified design that I worked up after seeing a couple of similar antique desks.  The originals were circa 1880 so I'm calling this the "1880 Desk".  The original desks had a single drop down door but I have also drawn one with 2 doors which I felt were more functional

Desk (1 Door)

Desk (2 Door)

Arts & Crafts Ladies Window Writing desk

This Arts & Crafts Edwardian period (early 20th century) is unique and possibly one of a kind.  The rear multi pane window sets this piece apart form others. Besides the twin center drawers the primary storage is located on the inside and outside of the two end cabinets.  The primary joinery is dados and mortise and tenon.

Arts & Crafts Oak Library desk

This desk is done in an Arts & Crafts or Mission Oak style.  A solid oak desk with mortise and tenon joinery and dovetail drawers.

Arts & Crafts Secretary Curio

This desk is done in an Arts & Crafts design and brings together elements from both a secretary desk and curio cabinet.  These combined characteristics make for an interesting and decorative piece of furniture.

Contemporary English Writing Desk

Here's a functional and stylish writing desk designed with a contemporary English style in mind.  It has flaired legs, drawers above and below, and a drop down writing surface with plenty of storage space. The joinery is mostly mortise and tenon and the drawers are dovetailed.

Curved Mission Desk

Here's a different look at a curved leg desk in a Mission style.  The majority of the joinery is mortise and tenon.

Country Desk with Hutch

Here's a copy of a unique hand made desk (C. 1900) that I saw listed on an antique auction site.  The desk has a rustic country look.  The base desk has plenty of drawer space and a slanted writing surface.  The hutch has an open arched book shelf, topped with a single drawer and flanked by 2 cupboards.  The joinery is mostly mortise and tenon.

Country Store Desk - Spool Desk

This is a slant top country store desk or spool desk. The lift top has a black writing surface. There is a raised area, designed like a small cornice that will hold an ink bottle and 3 pens. The original is from the late 1800s and was commonly found in country stores and served as a desk and storage cabinet for spooled thread.


Desks on frame are the rarest of the American slant top desks. This version is of New England style which dates back to the 1700s and mid-1800s.  The desk is a 2 part desk and frame construction and uses mostly dado and mortise and tenon joinery.

Desk-on-Frame - Early American

This version of a desk on a frame is a reproduction of an antique desk that I saw and liked the design.  I believe that the original was built a little later than the one pictured above.

Dickens' Desk

Here’s a copy of an original 1880s desk styled after the famed Charles Dickens desk.  This desk has the same characteristics of the original Dickens Desk including twin pedestals, double drawer handles and a sloped writing surface that opens to reveal additional storage space and drawers.  The upper superstructure has 8 small drawers that support a central turned baluster gallery and shelf. 

Early American Writing Desk

Here's a simple writing desk in an Early American or Colonial style.  The desk is the right size to function as a student's desk.  There are 5 drawers (three in the hutch and two in the base) and an upper shelf.  The joinery is mortise and tenon.

Eastlake Style Cylinder Desk

This circa 1875 Victorian Secretary desk and bookcase is based on the popular Eastlake style design with a cylinder roll top that was also popular during this period.  The desk and bookcase use mortise and tenon joinery.  The drawer joinery, rather than dovetails, is made using a cove and pin style that was popular in Eastlake furniture.

Eastlake Style Ladies Desk

This is a circa 1900 Victorian ladies tambour desk in an Eastlake style. The desk is unusual and may be one of a kind.  It has a pullout writing surface with a mixture of drawers, cabinets and book shelves.  The desk is very ornate and has an abundance of period carvings and period details.  The joinery is mortise and tenon.

Eastlake Style Library Bookcase

The history of this 1885 Victorian and Eastlake style desk is that it was handmade for a home in St. Paul and is made from solid Walnut. It has a glassed upper cabinet on one side with additional book shelving and mirror on the other.  The lower left side has a keyed cabinet within a cabinet.  The joinery is mortise and tenon with ornate spindles.

Eastlake Style Victorian Desk

This is a good example of a late 1800s Eastlake style Victorian era desk.  The original was made with Rosewood and burled veneers.  The joinery is mortise & tenon and dovetail.  

Edwardian Kidney Shaped Writing Table

This is a good example of an Edwardian period kidney shaped writing table made in Mahogany. The original dates to around 1890-1910.  The legs are forked and are spaced with a curved stretcher and the drawer fronts follow the curved shape of the top.

Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Writing Desk

This is a great example of a Edwardian period desk made during King Edward VIIs reign in Britain from 1901 to 1911.  This desk has curved sides & back with curved drawers on the base and top hutch.  The desk is rimed with inlays.  Much of the joinery is mortise and tenon. This desk was a challenge to draw and I would assume to build.

English Oak Secretary Bureau Bookcase

This secretary desk and bookcase is modeled from a circa 1920s.  The bookcase has leaded glass.

English Regency Ladies Writing Table

This is a Regency era ladies kneehole writing desk with 5 drawers and turned legs with brass casters.  The original was from England, Circa 1820.  The joinery is mortise & tenon and dovetail.

Executive Desk - Mid Century Modern

This desk is patterned from a mid-century (1950s) modern style built in the United States.  The original was built using Walnut and sits on hand shaped legs.

Federal Secretary Bookcase

This Federal style desk and bookcase is modeled from a similar desk from North Shore Massachusetts, circa 1800.  A writing surface folds out to expose additional drawers and pigeon hole compartments.  Dark Walnut is used for edging and inlays.

Hepplewhite Style Ladies Desk

This desk is modeled from a style known as Hepplewhite furniture made popular during the late 1700s and early 1800s.  True to the Hipplewhite style this desk is ornate and uses wood inlays. The desk has classic mortise and tenon as well as dovetail joinery. 

Honeoye Modern Floating-Top Desk

Iconic mid-century (1959) desk with a curved floating top.  The curved and tapered legs on the left side are held with brass supports.  There are 3 drawers and a handy book shelf on the right side.

Italian Mid Century Stoppino Desk

This drawing is based on a Italian desk designed by Giotto Stoppino from the 1960s.  The desk has a Tambour that closes over a shelf and inner storage compartments.  In between the upper and lower desk tops there are 2 drawers. The legs are tubular chrome steel.

Italian Teak Desk

This drawing is based on a Italian desk from the 1960s.  The writing surface pulls out for use and the top lid slides up and out of the way for access to the desk compartments.  There are 4 internal walnut drawers.  The desk sits on a wooden structure and each leg has an exposed final.

Kentucky Slant Front Desk

This drawing is based on a Kentucky slant-front desk circa early 1800s. The hutch was added with glass doors. The writing surface/lid drops down and is supported by a pull out support that looks like a drawer.

Kneehole Desk - Bow Front

Here's my version of a Kneehole Desk with bowed front drawers.  This type of desk was first manufactured in England in the early 18th century.

Kneehole Desk - Ladies Victorian

Here's my version of a Victorian Kneehole desk that is small enough to fit a lady.  The desk has 9 drawers and a shallow recessed center cupboard with door and an adjustable shelf.

Mid-Century Double Sided Desk

A classic (1960's) Danish design in Teak.  The desk has an A-frame leg design that holds the top slightly above the drawer compartments.  The back side of the desk has 3 display compartments, two open and one with a swing down door.

Mission Arts & Crafts Secretary & Bookcase

This Secretary desk is done in a mixed Arts & Crafts and Mission style. The left side cabinet is a display or bookcase and the right side has a drop down writing surface that exposes pigeonhole compartments.  There is an upper shelf with mirror.

Mission Style Writing Desk

This is a my version of a Mission style wring desk.  As you may have already assumed for a piece of Mission furniture, most all the joinery is mortise and tenon and made from Red Oak.  I have added a hutch with ample drawer and shelving storage.

New England Writing Desk

This is an Early American or New England writing desk circa 1835.  The desk's highlights include scrolls on the backsplash and sides and visible dovetail joinery attaching the back and sides.  The original was made from Butternut wood.

Paymaster Desk

This is a my version of an Early American Paymaster Desk.  The design is simple and uses mortise and tenon joinery.

Pennsylvania 7 Drawer Cherry Desk

This is an interesting desk that is intended to be built in Cherry. The desk hutch has 6 drawers and a center cabinet. The writing surface flips open to extend the writing/working area. The construction uses mortise and tenon joinery.

Petite Antique Writing Desk

Here's a copy of an antique writing desk or side table with single drawer, scalloped apron, and graceful cabriolet legs.  Circa 1700s, from France.

Plantation Desk

Here's a fairly common and simple Plantation Desk. It has one wide drawer and the upper cabinet contains adjustable shelving.  It's designed after similar desks from the late 1800's to early 1900's.

Plantation Desk - American Walnut

This desk really doesn't fit the design and stile of a Plantation Desk, but it's unique enough that I really don't know what stile it follows.  The writing surface on the right lifts to a storage area while the cabinet on the left opens to reveal adjustable shelves.

Plantation Desk - Kitchen Hutch

An early example of a Plantation Desk that may have been used as a kitchen hutch.  Circa early 1800s.  The construction uses mortise and tenon joinery with dovetail drawers.  The hutch has two glass doors for display of its contents.  The inside of the hutch is painted white.  The legs and drawer fronts have decorative inlays.

Sea Captain's Desk

This is a replica of a Sea Captain's Desk from the late 1800s. This style desk, also known as a Davenport Desk, was commonly thought of as "Ship's Captain's" desks, very efficient and organized in a compact design that took up little space. Reputed to have gotten their name from the inventor, Captain John Davenport, back in the days of Clipper Ships plying their trade to the Far East.

Secretary Desk

This Secretary Desk was the first project that I designed from the ground up (in 1977) because I couldn't find a complete plan that I liked.  I took the best design features from several ideas and married them together to come up with this desk.  Photos of the actual desk can be found on the "Projects" page HERE

Stonefield Secretary Desk-Bookcase

Here's an Eastlake Victorian Secretary desk circa 1870. The original desk is made from Walnut with construction of frame and panel and mortise and tenon joinery.

Stonefield Mid-Century Desk

This drawing is based on a Italian desk in Rosewood from the 1960s.  The legs are 2 piece laminated and show a gap between.  The top floats above a secondary false top and 3 drawers.

Stonefield Mission Desk

Here's a simple desk done in Mission style that displays a plane and  uncluttered design.  Made in Red Oak with classic mortise and tenon joinery.

Stonefield Shaker Hutch

Here's a tall desk and hutch combination designed with Shaker simplicity.   Made in Cherry with classic pinned mortise and tenon joinery.

Victorian Library Desk

This Victorian Walnut Library Desk is from England, circa 1872.  As you can see, the desk is quite involved and illustrates great craftsmanship.

Victorian Secretary Desk

This Victorian Secretary Desk is from England, circa 1890. The cabinet has several large drawers, two glass door cabinets with several shelves, and a drop down front desk that reveal several tiny drawers.  68"H, 47"W, 13"D

Victorian Drugstore Secretary

This is a replica of an 1880 Victorian Secretary that is said to be from an apothecary or drugstore. It is very unique and most likely one of a kind. It is made with 3 parts (base, middle and upper book case). The mid section has 2 locking compartments and a pull out writing surface. The model is drawn with detailed mortise-tenon and dovetail joinery.

Victorian Secretary Bookcase

This is a replica of a Victorian Secretary built with solid Walnut, circa 1860. There is a small flip out lid for a writing surface and the upper cabinet has adjustable shelves. The model is drawn with detailed mortise-tenon and dovetail joinery.

Writing Desk - Mid Century Walnut

Here's a unique one of a kind American made mid century (1960s) desk or vanity.  The top has 2 pull out drawers floating on 8 chrome tubular legs.  The desk top has 3 light colored inserts and the leg tops and bottoms have chrome bands.