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All drawings are to scale, have appropriate joinery and are drawn using components so that the SketchUp Model can be exploded apart for detail sizing and analysis.  The rendered pictures were done using Kerkythea rendering software.  All drawings are available for download.

Shaker Furniture


Description Photos SketchUp

Bed (Shaker style)

This is a Shaker style bed that came from Fine Woodworking magazine

Blanket Chest

This Shaker Blanket Chest comes from the Sept/Oct 2004 Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Brothers Writing Desk

This Shaker reproduction dates back to 1885 from Alfred Maine. In true Shaker style, this desk shows simple lines with plenty of storage and multiple use of frame and panel construction.  The original was made with Ash, Oak and Butternut and did not have the 3 bottom drawers.

Buffet & Hutch

Although not an historic Shaker piece, this buffet and hutch has simplistic design elements based on Shaker designs.  As an alternative, the hutch door panels can be replaced with glass for a more modern look.

Candle Stand

Hundreds of candle stands like this one were made by Shaker craftsman for retiring rooms, workrooms and general office work. Most were made of Cherry or Birch.


This Shaker reproduction dates back to 1790 and was influenced by colonial New England chests.  The Shakers simplified the piece by making it as plain as possible.  This drawing is for a desk, however the design can be changed to keep the front fixed and hinge the top.

Drop-leaf Table

This Shaker-style Drop-leaf Table has splayed legs and mortise-and-tenon joints.  The design for this table comes from Popular Woodworking, 12/2003.

Drop-leaf End Table

I designed this Shaker style two drawer end table using inspiration from other table styles in the Shaker collection.  The legs are turned and as always, the joinery is done using mortise-and-tenon.

Linen Press

This Linen Press was features on the cover of  "The Encyclopedia of Shaker Furniture". I liked the design of the cabinet which would still be suitable and functional enough for use in any home today.

Ministry Shop Table

This table was found in a room of the Ministry Shop in the Shaker Hancock Village.  The double drawers usually mean that two people could use the table at the same time.  The drawers could house journals or records and the drop leaves could be opened for larger work.

Press Cupboard

Here is a reproduction of a two piece Press Cupboard, or sometimes called a Linen Press.  The original was made in Pleasant Hill, Ky. during the second half of the nineteenth century.  It's now in the collection of the Shaker Village in Old Chatham, NY.

Sewing Desk - Hancock Village

While visiting the Shaker Village in Hancock Ma. recently I took several photos of Shaker furniture with the intent of drawing and or building replicas. The photo of the 2 desks is one that I took.  This SketchUp drawing is based on the photo and a drawing from a Woodworker's Journal magazine.

Sewing Desk - New Lebanon Village

The original 1870 Shaker sewing desk came from New Lebanon NY.  The original was made from Cherry, walnut, Butternut and Popular.  The desk has a large work surface extending over the lower case work as well as a pullout work surface.

Sewing Desk - Alfred Maine

The original 1880 Shaker sewing desk was made by Elder Henry Green from Alfred Maine.  It was made from Poplar and Cherry and is some what unusual for Shaker made furniture given the extensive use of molding.

Sewing Stand

This sewing stand is modeled after the ones found in the Shaker Hancock Community. The top and drawer are supported by a precisely-cut dovetailed yoke. The drawer is dovetailed both front and back and is accessible from either direction.

Side Table - 5 Drawer

Here's another version of a Shaker Side Table that is a little smaller than the 6-drawer version above.  This side table is patterned after an original.

Side Table - 6 Drawer

This is my version of a Shaker-style Side Table.  This style table was originally used by the Shakers as a work table, but I believe it has a more practical use as a side table.  The table is constructed using all mortise and tenon joinery.

Six Drawer Tall Chest

Here's a some what contemporary tall narrow chest of drawers with open shelving loosely based on a Shaker design.

Step Stool

This classic Shaker Step Stool design comes from The Fine Woodworking magazine.

Storage Bench

This bench represents a simplistic Shaker style but the curved legs and back add an element of grace.  The seat lifts up for storage access.  The joinery is mostly mortise and tenon.

Tailor Cabinet

This cabinet appeared in Popular Woodworking magazine.  The original was made in Watervliet, N.Y., during the first half of the 19th century.

Tall Chest

This is a classic Shaker Tall Chest modeled after the 1830 original at Mount Lebanon, NY. The chest contains 11 drawers with just 3 sizes. This is a classic simple Shaker design that is timeless.

Trestle Table

This table appeared in Popular Woodworking magazine. The table is attributed to the Shaker community at Harvard, Mass. and is believed to have been used as a work table, side table or writing desk.

Trustee's Desk

Here's a great example of a Shaker Trustee's Desk with plenty of combined drawer and cabinet space. The center cabinet has a drop down lid that functions as a writing surface.  The original was found in Watervliet, NY.  c. 1840

Two Drawer Work Table

This is a replica of a two drawer work table based on similar tables found at the Enfield NH Shaker village.  (c. 1840s)   Today, this table will serve nicely as a writing table, sofa table or hall table. 

Wardrobe with Mirror and Drawers

This is a Shaker style Wardrobe that combines an armoire with drawer space and mirror.  The joinery is mostly dowel and mortise and tenon.

Work Desk

Many variations of this storage, work or sewing desk have been made by the Shakers.  The top drawers are raised up over the working surface to create more work area.  The basic shape suggests a New England design influence and it is possible that the Shaker piece evolved from the colonial slant top desk.

Writing Desk

This is a some what typical Shaker Table that I designed.  The simple and open design of the table attracted me to it.