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Here are soProjects Faded Dovetails.jpgme cabinets and projects just for the work shop. 


Router Table Cabinet

This cabinet was designed and built in May of 2014 to replace one that I had built several years ago that was not quite as nice and was a bit too high. The cabinet was designed to fit a Craftsman Router Table. The cabinet was built using frame and panel construction and has three drawers for bit and tool storage.  The small storage door on the right is large enough for a couple of additional routers.  I mounted the cabinet on four 2" swivel casters and used Euro-style drawer slides.  Total construction time was 23 hrs. (20 for construction and 3 for finish)  The photos below depict the sequence of construction steps beginning with the milling of all stiles and rails.

Sketchup Plans Cutting frame groves Dry fit the frames Frame glue up sanding prior to assemply Glueing and nailing Glue & nailing internal framing Front face framing Routing the drawer faces Drawer assembly Drawer slide installation Door completed Fitting the drawer faces Miter framing for the plywood top fitting the miters Cutting the biscuit slots glue and clamp the top edge round over assembly completed, ready for finish All finished, awaiting casters back view front view css lightbox photo galleryby v5.9

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Tool Chest - 6 Drawer Cabinetmakers

This Cabinetmakers tool chest was designed and built in October of 2013. I choose a frame and panel construction method for the sides, back, top and interior dividers to not only keep the weight down but also to give the cabinet a hand crafted look.  Total construction time was 35 hrs. (28 for construction and 7 for finish)  The photos below depict the sequence of construction steps beginning with the milling of all stiles and rails.  The finish started with a pre-stain followed by a light brown stain and 3 to 4 coats of semi-gloss polyurethane.

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This workbench was designed and built in December of 2012.  It was part of the "recreation" of my new workshop. The basic structure is made from 2x4s.

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Pegboard Tool Cabinet

This Tool Cabinet was made in March of 2013 and was also part of my workshop "recreation".  The basic design came from a Woodsmith magazine article but was altered to meet my specific needs and space.  It is a relatively easy cabinet to construct.

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Outfeed Table

I designed and made this table in March of 2013 as part of my workshop "recreation".  I designed the table to be multi-functional as an out feed for the table saw, storage space and an additional work and assembly table. Except for the Oak trim on the top and drawer material, the remainder of the table is made from one sheet of 3/4" plywood.

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Miter Saw Cabinet

I designed and made this cabinet in April of 2013 as part of my workshop "recreation".  I designed this cabinet from several ideas that I found on the web, taking what I thought were a mix of good functional design ideas. The cabinet has 30" collapsible side wings as a space saving design.

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Workshop Cabinet-tall-1.JPG

Tall Storage Cabinet

I built this cabinet to replace an older-smaller cabinet.  It holds hand and power tools, boxes of nails and screws, etc.  I made the cabinet from pine and some left over 1/4" oak paneling.  I decided to use the 1/4" paneling on the sides to help reduce the weight.  The larger drawers have self closing drawer slides and the smaller drawers have simple center guides.  The overall dimensions are 19"W x 18"D x 60"H.

Workshop Cabinet-tall-shell.JPGWorkshop Cabinet-tall-side.JPGWorkshop Cabinet-tall-closeup.JPGWorkshop Cabinet-tall-drawer.JPGWorkshop Cabinet-tall-in-position.JPGTall Shop Cabinet-04.jpg

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Workshop Cabinet-Small-1.JPG

Small Cabinet

I built this cabinet as an upgrade to the one that I made when I first got my drill press in '82.  The cabinet holds anything related to "drilling".  The 3 larger drawers have self closing drawer slides and the smaller top drawer has a simple center guide. The overall dimensions are 20"W x 18"D x 26"H.

Workshop Cabinet-small-shell.JPG Workshop Cabinet-small-drawer-installed.JPG Workshop Cabinet-small-2.JPG

Workshop cabinet-small-3.JPG Workshop Cabinet-small-filled.JPG

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Workshop Greg-Cabinet Front.JPG

Greg's Tool Cabinet #1 - (12/2006)

This is a tool cabinet that I made in January of 2007 for my son as he begins to build up his woodworking shop.   It was made using #2 Common Pine.  The bottom cabinet has two pull out trays for misc. power tools.   The overall dimensions are 23" x 20" x 48"H.

Workshop Greg-Cabinet Open.JPG Workshop Greg-Cabinet Open Closeup.JPG Workshop Greg-Cabinet Open Drawer.JPG Workshop Greg-Cabinet Doors.JPG Workshop Greg-Cabinet Side1.JPG Workshop Greg-Cabinet Side2.JPG Workshop Greg-Cabinet Close-Front.JPG Workshop Greg-Cabinet Close-Side.JPG

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Cutting the groves in Stiles & Rails-2 (Medium).JPG

Ed's Storage Cabinet - (3/2007)

This is a combined tool and storage cabinet that I'm making for a friend.   The overall dimensions are 28" x 17" x 80".  Since my basement woodshop is only 80" high I'm building the cabinet in two pieces, each 40" high, and attach them when they are delivered.  Actually, the two pieces will make it easier to transport anyway.

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Process & Photos
Stepped Cabinet-6e.jpg

Greg's Tool Cabinet #2 - (10/2008)

This is the second tool cabinet that I made in October of 2008 for my son's new woodshop.  It was an idea that I had that started with a base cabinet of drawers and then slowly evolved into a cabinet on a cabinet.  The door and internal drawers were added in the final design phase.

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Process & Photos